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ATC Check: Select Single is Possibly not Unique

In a SELECT SINGLE command executed on a CDS View object gave me following error on ABAP Test Cockpit ATC check results: SELECT SINGLE is possibly not unique.

In my developer group we periodically run ATC checks and while trying to clear my list of ATC result list, I saw this entry.

ATC Check SELECT SINGLE is possibly not unique

In fact the parametric CDS view returns single row because of all parameters used in filtering the data for CDS view cover all parameters of the database table key fields

I believe since I did not use Key Field annotations within the CDS View definition, the ATC check cannot resolve the mapping and displays this ATC error "SELECT SINGLE is possibly not unique"

For ABAP programmers, it is possible to supress the ATC error using pseudo comment CI_NOORDER as follows

select single author
into @data(lv_author)
from z_som_tools_tadir(
 p_pgmid = 'R3TR'
 , p_object = 'PROG'
 , p_objname = @sy-cprog


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