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ATC Check: Buffering Type is initial but Delivery Class Is "C"

During a regular ABAP Test Cockpit ATC check, I see following priority 3 finding was in my list.
Table Attributes Check: Buffering Type is initial but Delivery Class Is "C"

Table Attributes Check: Buffering Type is initial but Delivery Class Is "C"

ATC Table Attributes Check Buffer Type vs Delivery Class

The ATC error cannot be suppressed using a pragma or pseudo-comment

When I checked the SAP table definition using SE11 transaction on "Delivery and Maintenance" tab I see the Delivery Class attribute of the related table is set to "C: Customizing, maintenance only by customer, no SAP imports"

On the other side, on Technical Settings screen, I see the Buffering options is set to Buffering not allowed

In fact the ATC finding indicates that if the table is a configuration table, customizing table or a system table it should be buffered for performance because these tables are expected to be small in size and changes are rare on such table data.

So I set the Buffering option to "Buffering switched on" to resolve this ATC finding.

Of course this change also requires logging data changes. So mark the Log Changes checkbox on Technical Settings screen for that table if not yet enabled.

There is a very good descriptive blog post on table attributes and ATC checks regarding performance at blogs.sap.com


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