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ABAP ATC Check Result Authorization Field Missing

Extended Program Check (Transaction SLIN) Authorization field missing warnings are listed after a regular ABAP ATC code check on one of my transport request's objects. The explanation included that the authorization object requires a fixed number of authorization fields and the ATC findings about missing authorization fields could be suppressed with pseudo comment AUTH_FLD_MISSING.

The detailed ATC finding is as follows:
Extended Program Check (SLIN)
Authorization field missing
The authorization object V_VBKA_VKO requires 7 authorization fields.
Finding can be suppressed with pseudo comment AUTH_FLD_MISSING

And when I navigate to the code block where the error has occurred, I see following AUTHORITY-CHECK ABAP command for object V_VBKA_VKO. As seen in the below ABAP code, I only used five of the seven authorization fields.

ABAP authority-check command

By a double-click on authorization object name V_VBKA_VKO, the authorization fields of the related authorization object can be displayed.
As ABAP programmers can see, there are 7 authorization fields (also written in the ATC finding) defined for the V_VBKA_VKO object.

display SAP authorization object and authorization fields

Although I will not use the missing two authorization fields, it is best practise to use them in the authority-check command by passing DUMMY to mark those fields.

Converting above authority-check command for authorization object V_VBKA_VKO will solve the ATC warning issue.

ID 'VKORG' FIELD t_listk-vkorg
ID 'VTWEG' FIELD t_listk-vtweg
ID 'VKBUR' FIELD t_listk-vkbur
ID 'ACTVT' FIELD c_actvt03.

I can suggest following document to ABAP developers from Virtual Forge as reference for authorization check in ABAP


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