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Assign SAP Item Category to Sales Document Type using SPRO

To assign item category to sales document type SAP users can customize their system using SAP SPRO transaction. In order to use an SAP item category in a sales document, the item category should have been assigned for the sales document type of that sales order or sales invoice document. Otherwise, SAP users can not choose that item category for an item in a sales document because the relation between item category and sales document type is missing.

First of all, call SAP transaction SPRO to start SAP customization screens. Drill-down in SPRO customization screen following:
Sales and Distribution > Sales > Sales Documents > Sales Document Item > Assign Item Categories

SAP item category customization for sales document type using SAP SPRO transaction

When the Assign Item Categories screen is displayed, SAP customization experts can either choose Display mode or Edit mode to see all item category and sales document type relation details. If you just want to validate if an SAP item category is assigned to a sales type, or it is not assigned for a specific document type, then you can display Item Category Assignment screen in Display mode.

Assign SAP item category to sales document type

If you want to make a new assignment for an SAP item category by adding a new sales document type, you can switch to Edit mode. Item category assignment SAP customization using SPRO tcode will prevent errors that will arise while choosing an item category in a SAP Sales Order document because that item category is not defined for the sales type for example.


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