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Add Link in ABAP Program Documentation

It is important for code quality to create documentation for custom SAP programs by ABAP developers. This guide shows how programmers can add external URL links into ABAP documentation of their programs using DS:URLA syntax.

Open SE38 ABAP Editor screen and type your ABAP program name.
Enter in Change mode.
Then using top menu, using following menu options "Goto > Documentation" to create text for the ABAP program.
ABAP programmers can display and create documentation for their ABAP developments as follows:

goto documentation for ABAP program for developers

According to your default editor, following screen may appear

create documentation for ABAP program by developers

It is possible to switch between different editors using Change Editor menu option under Goto

change ABAP text editor for program documentation

The alternative editor is as follows:

alternative ABAP text editor to create documentation

Use the first editor.
Add following text in a suitable place

Please refer to following web site for details:
 DS:URLA.HTTP://www.kodyaz.com>Kodyaz.com />

add link to ABAP program documentation

Save raw version of the new created documentation and activate it.

Now execute your ABAP report.

You will see information icon which provides end user documentation to SAP users.
Press on i button.

A similar screen can be seen when the documentation of the ABAP program is displayed.

documentation for ABAP program with external link


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