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SAP EXAM - ABAP EXAM : Free Online Certification SAP Questions and Answers to Tests

If you are working in companies running SAP applications, or if you are an SAP consultant or an ABAP developer, you might want to proof your SAP knowledge and ABAP skills with a certification.
Before taking an SAP certification exam or an ABAP exam, I believe it will be better to measure your skills and knowledge on your certification area.
You can take free tests of online test and certification sites on the web. I wanted to list some of them that I know in this SAP certification article.
It is best if you solve ABAP questions or SAP questions before you take the official SAP certification exam. Even you can find it useful to work on SAP interview question and answers before a job interview or before your SAP-ABAP exam.
I hope you can benefit from these online certification questions and answers.
Before trying any of the SAP exam or ABAP exam certification tests, just go through the SAP Training Material to remember SAP processes once more to get a mark near to the real results.

In this online test web site, there exists nearly 130 online SAP exam with SAP questions and answers to those SAP questions.
There exists a lot of online tests, exams and online questions on SAP on SAP BW/BI, SAP CO, SAP SD, SAP FI, SAP FICO, SAP HR, SAP MM, SAP PM, SAP PP, SAP SOLUTION MANAGER, etc.
Unfortunately, besides many SAP exam there is not an online ABAP test or an ABAP exam questions with answers in this web site as far as I see.

This site has a number of free online SAP certification tests, SAP exam on SAP modules questions and answers including SAP MM, SAP SD, SAP CA, SAP SRM and SAP FI/CO, etc.
There exists a number of How-to documents on basic SAP tasks as online tutorials and online SAP web reference documents available for free download.

SAP Quizzes at Quiz School
Quiz School has about 40 SAP exam and SAP online tests with answers to test questions free for your try.
If you follow the ABAP Exam and ABAP Online Tests link, you can see that there are about 30 ABAP tests measuring your ABAP knowledge and ABAP programming capabilities.

Online Education - SAP Certifications
This web site belongs to a training company named SAP Certification Examination Training.
On the home page of this SAP certification training center there are free SAP tests as sample online questions and answers.
There are at least 60 free online SAP tests for different courses.
But before you can take free online demo SAP certification tests, you have to register free to the site.
The SAP or ABAP questions taking place in these certification tests are prepared by Authorized Training Center(ATC) certified consultants.
Here a short list of the demo SAP exams and ABAP exams on this site :
TSCM60, SCM100, SCM920, TSCM60, TFIN52, C_TEP12_04s, C_TSCM62_60, SAPB1, SCM300, SCM516, TSCM62, ADM505, C_TSCM42_60, C_TSCM52_60, SAPIRT, SCM310, SCM525, TBW42, C_TFIN52_05, C_CR10_50, SAPSCM, TSCM40, SCM540, TBW45, C_THR12_05, C_SMI310_06, SCM130, TSCM42, SCM550, AC605, C_TSCM42_05, C_TAW12_70, CRM, SCM320, SCM600, THR10, C_TSCM52_05, C_TSCM62_05, SCM, SCM340, SCM610, THR12, C_TADM51_04, C_TFIN22_05, ADM, SCM500, SCM611, TAW10, C_TBW45_70, C_TSCM44_05, SAP01, SCM510, TSCM50, TAW12, SM001-Overview, SCM240, SCM515, TSCM52, TFIN50

SAP Tests
The SAP-Tests online SAP certification tests and training web site continues a number of free SAP tests that SAP users, SAP consultants and ABAP developers can take.
Some SAP and ABAP test areas cover Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP), Finance and Controlling (FICO), Human Resources (HR), Materials Management (MM), Production Planning and Control (PP), Sales and Distribution (SD)


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