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SAP Email Send using ABAP efg_gen_send_email Function Call

Sending email from an ABAP report using efg_gen_send_email function call can be easily managed.
If your business requirement does not require to send attachment with email, ABAP developers can use efg_gen_send_email to send SAP email.

Here is the part of the email send by SAP system used by efg_gen_send_email function call.

sap email efg_gen_send_email

You can find the ABAP source codes of the sample ABAP report zemailexample below.

Here is the ABAP code of example SAP email send report.

REPORT zemailexample .

  gs_t005t TYPE t005t,
  gt_t005t TYPE TABLE OF t005t.

SELECT * FROM t005t INTO TABLE gt_t005t WHERE spras = 'E'.

  gv_sender TYPE string, " Sender Email Address
  gv_recipient TYPE string, " Recipients Email Address
  gv_title TYPE string, " Email Subject
  gv_soli_tab TYPE soli_tab, " Email Body
  gv_soli_tab_line TYPE LINE OF soli_tab.

gv_title = 'T005 SAP Country Table'.
gv_sender = 'sender@email.com'.
gv_recipient = 'recipient@email.com'.

LOOP AT gt_t005t INTO gs_t005t.
  CONCATENATE gs_t005t-land1 ' - ' gs_t005t-landx INTO gv_soli_tab_line.
  APPEND gv_soli_tab_line TO gv_soli_tab.

    i_title = gv_title
    i_sender = gv_sender
    i_recipient = gv_recipient
    i_flg_send_immediately = 'X'
    i_tab_lines = gv_soli_tab
    "i_flg_commit = 'X'
    not_qualified = 1
    failed = 2
    OTHERS = 3.


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