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Message no. 00264 : Status STATUS of the user interface ZREPORT missing

Assume that you have created an ABAP screen using the CALL SCREEN method, and defined the PF-STATUS object in the PROCESS BEFORE OUTPUT module.
But you did nothing in the Maintain Status object screen. Let's say, you have not defined the BACK, EXIT, CNCL etc Function keys on the screen.
You can successfully activate the PF-Status status object.

Unfortunately, when you run the ABAP program you can experience the following error message.

Status STATUS of the user interface ZREPORT missing
Message no. 00264

The specified GUI status either does not exist or was not generated.

Use the Menu Painter to check whether the status required actually exists. If it does, then generate the interface ZREPORT (using the Menu Painter).

You can eliminate the above ABAP error message by defining the Function Keys on the PF-Status status object.


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