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How to Display Keys in All Dropdown Lists on SAP Screens

As an SAP user, SAP consultant or ABAP developer you may frequently need to see the keys or code values in SAP dropdown lists.
I mean to show key and text description in any dropdown in SAP screen.
For example, on the below screenshot where price group is listed, there is no hint in the dropdown indicating the key values of the list items.
In such cases, it is a requirement to display keys with textual descriptions in a combobox in SAP screens.


But the below screen is showing list items in price group dropdown list with key values or text.
I prefer to work with this kind of dropdown list option where I can see the key values of listed items in the combobox.


For SAP users how to show code and value in drop down can be managed by dropdown settings customization.
All you have to do is a mouse click on the below icon named Customize Local Layout.
You can also activate the button with Alt+F12 key combination.


The following context menu is displayed when the Customize Local Layout button is activated.
Click on the Options menu item to continue layout display settings for your SAP sessions.


Now, navigate and go to the Expert tab.
Within the Controls section, you will see a checkbox named as "Show Keys in All Dropdown Lists".


When this checkbox is checked, all dropdowns will be displayed with a text item associated with the related key.


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