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Request Free License Key and Install SAP License Key using SLICENSE Transaction Code

SAP provides ABAP developers and SAP professionals free trial SAP products like SAP Netweaver 7.01 ABAP Trial Version that I'm using. Since these SAP software is distributed for trial purposes, SAP forces ABAP developers and SAP professionals that use such free trial products to refresh their license keys time to time. An SAP product like MiniSAP or SAP Netweaver will warn developers and SAP users about the license key expiration date, when the trial period approaches to end date.


In this SAP guide, I want to explain step by step how to renew free SAP software product key and obtain free license key from SAP in order to extend trial period.
ABAP programmers and SAP basis professional can easily find license key for SAP MiniSAP license from SAP web portal.

SLICENSE SAP Transaction Code to Administer SAP License Key

SAP transaction code SLICENSE is for administering SAP license key or install SAP license key.
Run transaction code slicense tcode to display SAP License Administration screen shown below.


In order to request a new MiniSAP license and intall SAP license key on your system, ABAP developers have to collect the following required information.
SDN User id : If you login to SDN (SAP Developers Network), you will see the SDN User id on your profile page. It is different from your SDN username.
System ID : SAP system id is used to identify the free SAP software you're using. The SAP system details can be found on SAP System Status screen.
Hardware key (HWID) : The hardware key (HWID) is also visible on SAP System Status screen.

In order to request free license key from SAP, the above information should be collected. Let's continue with System Status screen before requesting SAP license key and install SAP license key send from SAP.

SAP System Status Screen

In order to get system information like the SAP system and SAP product you are running, and license details like license expiration date and hardware key you can open the System Status screen
In order to open System Status SAP screen, choose System > Status... top menu selections.
SAP System data
Component version : SAP EHP 1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (Note: EHP stands for Enhancement Package)
You can see the Minisap license expiration date in below textbox.


The component version is the required SAP System Id and the Active Hardware Key in Current Settings section is the HWID (hardware key id). With these two information we are read for requesting license key for extending installed free SAP trial software.

Request Free License Key for Installed MiniSAP Free Software

After you collect required data, goto web page http://www.sap.com/minisap to request new MiniSAP license key.

ABAP developers and SAP users can find license key for following MiniSAP software and free SAP systems :
BSP - WebAS 6.20 : Web Application Server 6.20 ABAP - fully supporting BSP programming model
WA1 - WebAS 6.10 : ABAP Objects reference book
NSP - SAP NetWeaver 7.0 : SAP NetWeaver Sneak Preview ABAP Edition from SDN
N71 - SAP NetWeaver 7.1 : SAP NetWeaver Sneak Preview ABAP Edition from SDN
J2E - J2EE-Engine (6.40) : SAP NetWeaver Sneak Preview Java Edition from SDN
J2E - J2EE-Engine (7.00) : SAP NetWeaver Sneak Preview Java Edition from SDN
J2E - J2EE-Engine (7.10) : SAP NetWeaver Sneak Preview Java Edition from SDN
CE1 - SAP Java Engine 7.1 (CE) : SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (Java) from SDN
CTB - SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (Java) x86 MaxDB : SAP NetWeaver 7.0 - Java Trial Version on Linux - VMware Edition
N4S - SAP NetWeaver 2004s x86_64 MaxDB / DB2 : Technology Preview SAP NetWeaver 04s - SAP Web Application Server on Linux and MaxDB / IBM DB2
LNX - SAP Basis R/3 4.6B x86 MaxDB : Technology TestDrive for mySAP.com on Linux, Basis R/3 4.6B

The above SAP software is the SAP System Id you will select best for your SAP installation. Then fill the form on license request page using your email address, SDN User id, SAP System Id and Hardware Key (HWID).

After your free SAP license key request has been submitted successfully, an email with new SAP license key file for your trial software will be sent to your email address.

Install SAP License Key using SLICENSE tcode

After you get the free SAP license key file (NSP.txt for my SAP Netweaver 7.01 software), save it on a disk folder. Then call SAP transaction code SLICENSE.
Click on New Licenses buton on top of screen.


In the Installed Licenses box on the screen, click on Install buton in order to install SAP license key.


Point and select NSP.txt file which is sent to your email address from SAP including MiniSAP license key for your trial SAP system.


Click install buton. Afterwards SAP license key for your free SAP trial product will be successfully installed.


Install SAP Free
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