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Superfluous Statements - You can hide the message using "#EC NOBREAK

While transporting workbench request, I got a message related with ABAP warnings and possible errors.

You can see that Documentation check is OK, Package check is OK.
On the other hand Extended program check is displaying 10 errors.


If you click on Extended program check, a detailed view will be displayed.

As you will see in the below screenshot, all errors are caused by Superfluous Statements.


What are these Superfluous Statements ?

In order to see the ABAP code lines and possible solutions for the superfluous statements, you can click on the red cell with error count.

The list is displayed with the program and code line causing this error. Also a possible solution is also displayed for ABAP developers.


If ABAP developers put the code :
at the end of the identified line of ABAP code, the Extended Check treats it as a hidden error (or message, or warning) and will not reporting this error.


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