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Email Spool Request using SAPOffice - Spool to PDF

Sometimes SAP users or ABAP developers may require to get a soft copy of an output like a spool request. In such cases you can email the spool request after converting spool to pdf document.

Recently I had to sent the SAP Smartform output of an invoice in SAP system to a colleque. I can print the output from a printer, or view the Smartform output from spool in the SAP system. But there was not an easy way that I know to convert the spool to pdf file.

By following the below steps SAP users and ABAP developers can convert spool to pdf easily.
In fact the spool to pdf conversion is managed by sending the request in the spool via email as a pdf attachment.

Run SAP SP02 transaction code to display the spool requests.
Select the spool request or spool request by marking the checkbox nearby that you want to send via email.
Then follow the below menu selections :
Spool Request > Forward > Send using SAPoffice


After "Send using SAPoffice" menu selection is done, the below SAP screen will be displayed in front of users.
Enter email address that you want to send spool request to in the Recipient text box.


Of course the recipient email address will be yours if you want to download the spool request as pdf file to your computer.
Click Copy buton to complete the task steps and start the process of sending spool to pdf SAP Smartform output via email.
Within 5 or 10 minutes, the spool request which is converted to pdf file format will be delivered to your email box.


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