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About the Mission of Kodyaz.com for the Owners of this Programming Site

Hello my friends!

My name is Eralper and I welcome you all to my web site for sharing your experiences on SQL Server Development, .NET and Windows Phone programming, ABAP development on SAP HANA database, etc.

I hope as developers or administrators, you can find answers for your questions or problems here in this site which is targeting to create a knowledge base especially on ABAP programming, SAP HANA database SQLScript development, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft .NET Framework technologies (ASP.NET or Windows Forms)

Some other main topics related for web developers are Javascript and HTML5 development. I also try to maintain Microsoft Windows operating system related tutorials and how-to guides too. You can browse Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista tutorials at Kodyaz.com too.

Also you can realize that there are some articles of mine related with Siemens HiPath ProCenter SDK programming. I know there is not much resource about HPPC SDK programming on the web. I hope here I can supply some useful code tips and tricks, and methods for developers new to HPPC SDK.

I wish for Kodyaz.com to be a common knowledge sharing and producing web site for software programmers, database developers as well as database administrators in the future.

So come and join us to build the growing web community of software and knowledge workers.


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