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ABAP Transport Error : Object CUAD ReportName is Inactive

After completing ABAP development on an ABAP report on SAP development system, I tried to transport the modifications on related ABAP objects and ABAP reports.

When I pressed the Release button release-transport-request-icon on SE09 transaction code screen :


Unfortunately, I could not release ABAP development request from the SE09 tcode screen.
Because I got the following error message during check for inactive objects :


Object CUAD ReportName is inactive
Message no. EU829

You tried to release a transport request, but object CUAD ReportName is still in its inactive version.

System Response
You cannot release the transport request.

Activate the specified objects.

To confirm that all objects are activated successfully, I checked the ABAP reports, includes, screen GUI, etc they were all active.
Then I checked the GUI elements of the SAP screen once more including GUI status and screen title.
I see that the GUI status object is not activated.


After activating GUI status of the related ABAP report, I could successfully transport ABAP development request to target SAP systems.

So for last words, before transporting a request or any ABAP program, first check for errors for the transport request and then transport the request to test and productive systems.


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