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ShareLinkTask Windows Phone Launcher For Social Media

Using ShareLinkTask Windows Phone launcher Windows Phone app users can share a web address with a link title and descriptive test on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Windows Phone 8 app developers can use ShareLinkTask launcher class to provide share on social media function in their apps.

ShareLinkTask Sample Windows Phone App Code

Here is sample VB.NET codes from my free Time Management Tips app for Windows Phone 8. Below sample code is showing how I used ShareLinkTask Windows Phone 8 Launcher to enable app users to share Time Management Tips web page with their favorite quote on their social media profiles like Facebook or Twitter accounts.

ShareLinkTask class properties like LinkUri, Title and Message are used to configure and prepare the post details about the shared link. The ShareLinkTask.Show method will launch related app that will share the previously configured social media message and post the Web URL address.

First import the namespace Microsoft.Phone.Tasks that are available with Windows Phone SDK on your Visual Studio 2012 Windows Phone project.

' First of all register Microsoft.Phone.Tasks namespace
Imports Microsoft.Phone.Tasks

' within tap event of Share icon
Dim signature As String = "sent via Time Management Tips app for Windows Phone 8"

' create a new instance of ShareLinkTask class
Dim shareLinkTask As ShareLinkTask = New ShareLinkTask()

shareLinkTask.Title = "Time Management Tips"
shareLinkTask.LinkUri = New Uri("http://www.kodyaz.com", UriKind.Absolute)
shareLinkTask.Message = quote.QuoteText + vbNewLine + vbNewLine + signature


When the above sample code is run, ShareLinkTask Windows Phone launcher will display the list of social media profiles if you have registered to more than one. The user can use the desired social media app like Facebook or Twitter using this list. Of course the Windows Phone user must tap the Send button to post this link on social media sites. Without the user's action, it is not possible to share a web link using his or her account to prevent account security against unwanted uses.

Windows Phone 8 launcher ShareLinkTask to post a web URL on social media sites
Above Windows Phone 8 app screen shows how developers can use ShareLinkTask Windows Phone launcher in their apps

Windows Phone 8 launchers are great tool for developers in their Windows Phone 8 app development efforts. And ShareLinkTask launcher is a must tool that developers should place their Windows Phone 8 apps to promote their apps on social media using their app users' profiles on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

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