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Exam Review 70-178 Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projects

I take the beta exam 71-178 of Exam 70-178 Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projects this week.
I want to share my 70-178 exam review with certification exam candidates who want to certify their knowledge and skills on Microsoft Project 2010.
Of course I'll pay attention not to reviel the exam questions and answers.
I want to talk about the exam period, 70-178 exam topics, etc.

First important hint for 70-178 exam takers or project managers who want to get certified, they can free download Microsoft Project 2010. As a project manager, if you download MS Project 2010 trial and install Microsoft Project 2010, it will be easier and faster to cover the exam topics in the 70-178 Managing Projects exam. Project managers can easily work on hands-on samples on new project management tool of Microsoft, Microsoft Project 2010.

After installing MS Project 2010, go and create projects using project templates from web.
There are numerous sample projects that project managers can work on as a starting template.

As the third step, all Microsoft Project 2010 Managing Projects certification candidates should know the skills covered by 70-178 exam reading at official guide.
You can also refer to Exam 70-178 Microsoft Project 2010 resources.

Before dealing with exam details, know what is new in Microsoft Project 2010 when compared with MS Project 2007.
I studied the short list of what is new in Microsoft Project 2010. This interface improvements, new project view options, project customization enhancements, scheduling enhancements, easier collaboration with other Office tools, backwards compability with MS Project 2007, or MS Project 2003... These enhancements and features are forming an important part of the exam 70-178 Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projects certification questions.

70-178 Exam Review

70-178 Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projects certification exam has 75 questions for the beta version 71-178. Project managers can use 180 minutes for answering the 70-178 exam questions.
A note for beta exam 71-178, some of the exam questions are not scored. These unscored questions are used for improvement of the exam quality.

Learn everything about what is new in Microsoft Project 2010.

MS Project 2010 has :

Ribbon instead of menues and toolbar

Backstage for managing project options, managing project files, and Project Server connections,
Especially the Project Options screen in Backstage is important. Learn important project options in this screen.

Team Planner!
Team planner is a new scheduling view with MS Project 2010.
It is a very important and useful project management tool for resource assignment!

Time Line, a new graphical representation of the entire project schedule which can be easily shared between other Office tools or via email as the project summary. Again note that Time Line is a new and important project tool introduced with Microsoft Project 2010.

Add New Columns to your project views.
This is a very important and handy tool to see a property of all task on the same screen.
Adding columns to a Gantt Chart and updating from a single screen is more easier to do it on each task seperately.

Manual Scheduling is changing how projects are scheduled. Automatic scheduling was causing task dates to change dramatically especially changes in project calendars and task dependencies. Manual Scheduling is a major part of project management concept with Microsoft Project 2010.
So be prepared for many manual scheduling exam questions.

Inactive Tasks
MS Project 2010 now enables project managers create inactive tasks or inactivate a task easily while retaining the task details.

Top-down summary tasks enables project managers to create summary tasks first and then create the sub tasks easily.
Learn how to create summary tasks from Ribbon and using indents.

Project Professional 2010 and SharePoint list synchronization without a Project Web App is new and enables project managers to share project information with many people over a SharePoint site.

By using copy and paste method, project managers can easily share project details using MS Office tools like Word, Excel, etc.

Backward compability between Microsoft Project versions like MS Project 2010 and Project 2007 enables project managers work without a project converter tool.

You can easily understand why the above topics are requested in the 70-178 certification exam.
These MS Project 2010 features are making easier to manage projects for project managers.

Projects and SubProjects
Learn the uses of projects containing subprojects. This knowledge will let you answer numerous project and sub-project relation questions in the 70-178 exam.
Project managers managing more than one projects can create subprojects for their projects and manage resources, tasks, etc from single project.
They can manage task links between projects, etc.

Project Calendar
An exam candidate as well as a project manager must know how to create project calendars, how to edit project calendars, manage shifts, corporate holidays and personnel holidays, etc.

FixedUnit, FixedWork, FixedDuration
Project mananagers should be able to manage FixedUnit, FixedWork, FixedDuration calculations.
How does a change in one of the arguments of the above FixedUnit, FixedWork, FixedDuration task will effect other arguments ?
Here is the formula : W = D * U

Baseline operations, creating, copying, deleting baselines, etc.

Project managers who want to take the 70-178 exam should know how to import project information from Excel, MS Access, Word, email, Sharepoint list, and other collaboration programs and environments.

Material, Work and Cost types
Travel costs, etc ?

Critical Path calculations are always the main concern of every project.
So critical path is not an exception for the exam 70-178 Microsoft Project 2010 certification.


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