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6P Rule: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

6P Rule (aka Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance) is one of the rules that will help you improve time management skills. 6P rule implies that a prior proper planning before taking action prevents poor performance. This means before you take action, spare your time to make plan on how to manage your task. Do not skip proper prior planning even you have lack of time for the task to be completed. Because without a proper plan although you finish the work on time, afterwards you'll probably have problems occurring because of poor planning.

Of course most of us, time managers and project managers know the importance of prior planning. But I have first heard the 6P Rule, Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance from Brian Tracy while I was listening audio book named "21 Ways To Double Your Productivity". I must say that I liked listening his audio book. The topic is very interesting and the tips he has mentioned are simple yet powerful techniques for managing your time and improving your productivity at work and in your private life.

Actually he has mentioned about 6-P rule as Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance formulation. But it is better you read or listed audio book 21 Ways To Double Your Productivity of Brian Tracy for a full explanation of the idea behind.

When I searched the topic on the web, I see that there are a few 6P rule combinations very common in the community.
Here is some other forms of the 6P rule:

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance
Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance
Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance, etc.

You can use any of the above 6-P explanations, at the end the meaning of the 6P rule is all same. Just one last note for you, please do not mix the 6-P rule with 6-Sigma methodology in project management.

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