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Remove Non-Numeric Character in SQL String Expression

This T-SQL tutorial includes a user-defined SQL Server function code to clear alpha characters from an input string expression. Database programmers can use the given user-defined function in their development codes for removing characters except numbers from 0 to 9.

Here is a very basic user defined SQL function which removes unwanted alpha characters which does not represent numbers in a string expression
If database developers check the regular expression used in PatIndex SQL function, they will see that the regular expression continuously checking characters representing characters except 0 to 9.

create function ClearNonNumericCharacters(@str nvarchar(max))
returns nvarchar(max)
 while patindex('%[^0-9]%', @str) > 0
  set @str = stuff(@str, patindex('%[^0-9]%', @str), 1, '')
 return @str

remove non-numeric characters from string using SQL function

Here to use user defined SQL Server function in a sample case for Transact-SQL developers

select dbo.ClearNonNumericCharacters('19Kodyaz0 4*6/2=? QA=>9')

select phone, dbo.ClearNonNumericCharacters(phone) from PhoneNumbers

Here is the output of above sample SQL function

clearing non-numeric values in a string expression in SQL Server

This SQL function code can be used after changing the PatIndex regular expression part to remove numeric characters in SQL string expression.

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