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Download SQL Server 2019 Free Edition

Microsoft has introduced its next data platform SQL Server 2019 in September, 2018 which targets to be number one unified data platform for companies. SQL Server 2019 is shipped with Apache Spark and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) to support big data of your company to provide more intelligent solutions.

With SQL Server 2019, SQL Server performs as a hub for data integration of companies' distributed data.
Data engineers can now perform operations on structured and unstructured data.
Using enhanced PolyBase features a SQL developer can query other well-known databases including Oracle, Teradata, Mongo DB, etc.
With built-in features, Spark and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) unstructured data can be queried within SQL Server 2019 databases.

SQL Server is supported Linux for a while. So you can work with SQL Server 2019 on Windows, Linux and containers

Why download SQL Server 2019?

I tried to summarize a few of the SQL Server 2019 features which are more related with big data and data analytics power of next generation data platform tool from Microsoft.
Microsoft SQL Server team has provided an infographics answering why to download and work with SQL Server 2019.
They bring the top 10 reasons to choose SQL Server 2019 as your unified data platform tool for future.

top features of SQL Server 2019

Free SQL Server 2019 Download

As a SQL developer, I'm always interested in with new releases of SQL Server and other data platform vendors' tools.
I will strongly suggest you all data professionals to download and evaluate new releases of SQL Server including SQL Server 2019.
With old habits, even in enterprise companies SQL Server is used only for relational data storage. Besides SQL Server's new components, even new T-SQL functions are not commonly used in many enterprise level custom solutions.
I believe downloading SQL Server 2019 and testing it on your development environment will provide you awareness of new features and their application areas

The most recent public available version of SQL Server 2019 is SQL Server 2019 CTP 3.2 Evaluation Edition (July 2019).
After RTM release, different editions of SQL Server 2019 like free Developer Edition, free Community Edition and Standard and Enterprise editions will be available.

download SQL Server 2019 for Windows

One option to download SQL Server 2019 is downloading it for Windows platform.
Please download SQL Server 2019 for free for evaluation for a 6-months period using following link:
download Download SQL Server 2019 for Windows
You just have to fill a short registration form before you download SQL Server 2019

After you complete your download, you can refer tutorial for step by step setup details on SQL Server 2019 installation as stand-alone server

download SQL Server 2019 for Linux

If you want to run SQL Server on Linux, you can download SQL Server 2019 for following Linux distributions:
Download and install SQL Server 2019 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3+,
Download and install SQL Server 2019 for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server v12 SP2
Download and install SQL Server 2019 for Ubuntu Linux 16.4

download SQL Server 2019 for Docker

If you plan to use Docker containers to run SQL Server 2019, following options can be evaluated:
SQL Server on Ubuntu Linux for Docker Engine
SQL Server Red Hat Container

Database professionals can find more information at SQL Server 2019 official site and SQL Server Blog. I will be publishing my own tutorials, sample cases and articles on SQL Server 2019 including Machine Learning Services with R on my web site.

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