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SQL Server EOMonth End of Month Function to Calculate Last Day of Month

SQL Server EOMonth() function returns the last day of the month that the input argument start_date is in that month. There is an optional input parameter offset, which helps T-SQL developers to find the end of month that is N months later or before the input start date argument. The default value of offset parameter month to add or month to substract is 0.

EOMONTH (start_date [, month_to_add])

SQL EOMonth datetime function is first introduced to SQL Server developers with the release of SQL Server 2012.

Here is a few SQL code where the new datetime function EOMonth is used to calculate the last date of the month where the input date parameter is in

SELECT EOMONTH (@current_date) AS 'The last date of Current Month'

SQL last date of month calculation in SQL Server 2012

Now T-SQL programmers can pass the offset argument value of the SQL EOMonth function, instead of the default 0 value.

 EOMONTH (@current_date, -1) AS 'The last date of Previous Month',
 EOMONTH (@current_date) AS 'The last date of Current Month',
 EOMONTH (@current_date, 1) AS 'The last date of Next Month'

SQL EOMonth() datetime function for end of month calculation

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