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SQL Server Data Quality Service Client Tool

SQL Server Data Quality Service provides tools for database administrators, BI professionals and SQL developers to maintain the data quality, like preventing duplicate values or protecting singularity of a specific value against different forms of it, or against mistypings, etc.

With this basic and brief explanation, I believe SQL programmers has probably thought of cleansing the address data at first in their minds.
Perhaps one of most use case of MS SQL Server DQS (Data Quality Service) is to build a Data Quality Project and run the project againts a set of data on a database table column and replace incorrect values with suggested ones by the DQS.

In this Data Quality Service tutorial, I will start with a short introductory rather than showing all steps of a Data Quality Project for data cleansing of a database table column against a knowledge base domain in DQS.

SQL Server Data Quality Client

The client tool of SQL Server Data Quality Service, as shown in below screenshot enables data professionals to manage data domains which store mapping of data values, add new mapping and data to domains and knowledge bases. Additionally, on SQL Server Data Quality Client tool developers can create data quality projects to modify for data cleansing

Here is the cockpit for Data Quality Service Client tool.

SQL Server Data Quality Service Client tool

Knowledge Base Management enables data professionals to define and manage domains where references to data are stored. You can think about the domains as libraries where high quality data is kept.

Domain and Knowledge Base Management for Data

And the Data Quality Project functions enables cleansing of data stored in your SQL Server databases with a few clicks for reaching the high quality data without duplicates, mistypings and different forms of the same data.

create Data Quality Project for data cleansing

Using Activity Monitoring administration tool, administrators can monitor what is going on the SQL Server Data Quality Server.

Activity Monitoring administration tool for Data Quality Service

Data professionals can use reference data from third party data providers with correct, validated and high quality data using the Online DataMarket.

Online DataMarket for third party data providers

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