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What is SQL Server Express LocalDB enhancement with SQL Server 2012

Microsoft introduced SQL Server Express LocalDB with SQL Server 2012, Denali CTP3 release to especially application programmers who do not want to deal with SQL Server administration. Programmers are free to use this light-weight of SQL Server Express, SQL Server Express LocalDB as a database for their applications.

SQL Server Express LocalDB requires no configuration during installation which makes it a perfect database platform for new programmers and programmers that do not deal with database management issues. As I said, LocalDB installation is fast and easy. The LocalDB requirements or setup pre-requisites are minimum. Please refer to SQL Server setup guide for SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB installation

Programmers can manage SQL Server Express LocalDB using new LocalDBManager.exe utility (SqlLocalDB.exe utility in SQL Server 2012, CTP3)
By default, SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB tools are installed in folder "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\Binn" . And in order to manage SQL Server LocalDB, programmers can use SqlLocalDB.exe utility. I guess there is an error about the SQL LocalDB BOL documents where the management tool is named as LocalDBManager.exe utility but the actual management tool is named as SqlLocalDB.exe utility.

SQL Server LocalDB management utility SqlLocalDB.exe

The SQL Server Express 2012 LocalDB enables developers directly connect to a SQL Server database without the requirement of an installed SQL Server instance like Developer Edition or SQL Server Express. And programmers can easily write to SQL database files and read from SQL Server database tables without dealing with the management of a SQL Server instance on their local machine.

Since SQL Server Express LocalDB is installed with minimum management specifications and excluding many SQL Server services, the LocalDB database platform is really a lightweight database application which powers developers. Although SQL Server features are excluded in SQL Server LocalDB, the programmability features for T-SQL developers perspective are fully covered and installed by the installation wizard of LocalDB.

I believe many Microsoft .NET developers who are not interested in SQL Server and T-SQL programming will like to use Microsoft SQL Server Express LocalDB on their local machines.

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