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SQL Server Backup Compression Software - SQL Backup Compression Tools

After the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2008, sql database administrators (DBA's) and sql developers have acquired a new tool for SQL Server backup compression.
SQL Server backup compression is a vital feature and function for many MS SQL Server administrators.
Because with the development of software applications, amount of data gathered by these corporate applications increased tremendously.
With increasing amount of data, disk sizes to store and maintain such database applications and storage devices increased as well.

So if you are a SQL Server professional that experience disk space problems, an SQL Server backup compression software is the recipe for your headaches.
SQL backup compress methods will minimize the disk storage size for sql backups.
Although CPU utilization will increase somewhat the total time of sql backups will decrease.
It is also a great advantage if you have limited bandwidths in company network and need to transfer sql backup files over company network.
Because sql backup compression will decrease network traffic load and require less network bandwidth resources.

SQL Server database backup compression can be thought as one of the steps to increase SQL Server performance and SQL Server performance optimization.

In this short SQL Server tutorial, I'ld like to introduce some of the well-known SQL Server Backup Compression software in the market.

LiteSpeed for SQL Server - Quest Software

LiteSpeed-for-SQL-Server-tools-for-sql-backup-compression LiteSpeed for SQL Server is an SQL Server tool developed as SQL Server Backup Compression and SQL Backup Management tool by Quest Software. SQL Server database administrators, SQL Server Backup operators and IT professionals can download 15 day free trial version of LiteSpeed from product page after completing a short registration form.

By the way I download LiteSpeed for SQL Server Backup Compression tool version 5.2
And as far as I used this SQL Server tool, I can say that LiteSpeed is a good candidate for a SQL Server Backup Compression Software that you might want to use in your company.

What I liked about LiteSpeed SQL Server backup tool is not only its sql backup compression features, but its ability to attach files and contents of file folders to the sql backups.

To attach files and directories as a part of the SQL Server backup is very useful if your application stores files, images, and such binary files in file system outside the sql database.
This function is somehow similar to the MS SQL Server 2008 FileStream feature.

When we talk about the sql backup compression feature of LiteSpeed sql backup software, this SQL Server tool serves 11 levels of SQL Server backup compression.
The first level sql backup compression gives similar results as the Microsoft SQL Server Backup Compression supplies.
The additional levels enables more sql backup compress of course this increases the CPU utilization.

An other feature that I liked with LiteSpeed for SQL Server is that it can create an executable binary file so that when you double click the executable sql backup file it restore the backup file on the SQL Server.
This feature is called double-click restore executable.

You can find a detailed product review of LiteSpeed Backup SQL Server Backup Compression Tool here.

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