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Web Browsers Acid 3 Test Results

If you wonder how is your favorite web browser on following web standarts like HTML standards, you can visit Acid Tests web site and test your web browser's capabilities with Acid 3 test.

Windows Internet Explorer 9 Beta

When Microsoft released the Windows Internet Explorer 9 Beta, I wanted to see what is the Acid 3 test results of IE9.
The Acid 3 test result for Internet Explorer 9 Beta is 95/100.
Internet Explorer 9 Beta build number and version information is 9.0.7930.16406 and is running on a Microsoft Windows 7 PC.
Note that, till the time the release date of Internet Explorer 9 comes, Microsoft Internet Explorer developers will definitely succeed in fullfilling the Acid 3 Test requirements.
I believe IE9 will have an Acid 3 Test result 100/100.

For Internet Explorer 9 download please refer to Windows Internet Explorer 9 - IE9 Download Links and IE9 Installation


Mozilla Firefox 3.6

My Mozilla Firefox web browser with version 3.6.8 has unfortunately worse results in Acid 3 test when compared with beta version of Internet Explorer 9.
The Firefox 3.6.8 has the Acid 3 test score of 89/100.
But when I upgrade Firefox web browser to 3.6.10, the Acid 3 test score also increased to 94/100.


Safari 5

The Safari web browser (Safari 5.0.2 7533.18.5) has successfully completed the Acid 3 test.
The Acid 3 test score of Safari 5 is 100/100.


Google Chrome 6

Similar to Safari web browser, Google Chrome web browser with version 6.0.472.62 build number has successfully completed the Acid 3 tests.




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