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Microsoft Windows 8 Download

Users can download Microsoft Windows 8 free for evaluation purposes.
Windows 8 beta users and IT professionals who want to try Windows 8 download can get Windows 8 Enterprise edition free for a period of 90 days. Microsoft released Windows 8 Enterprise edition RTM build for evaluation purposes which has public available download bits.

If you want to download Windows 8 trial edition, you can visit TechNet Evaluation Center and get your free Windows 8 download copy.

download Windows 8 RTM release for free

IT professionals can download Windows 8 32-bit (x86) version or they can download Windows 8 64-bit (x64) version.
Each of Windows 8 download bits are available in 10 languages including English, Chinese (Simplified or Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

Before you download Windows 8 trial edition, the only requirement is to register with your Windows Live Id.

Here are the Windows 8 download links:
To download Windows 8 32-bit please visit x86 RTM Build
To download Windows 8 64-bit please visit x64 RTM Build

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Microsoft released Windows 8 Consumer Preview version on 29th of February,2012 for free trial of Windows users before the Windows 8 RTM is released. Just as Windows 8 Developer Preview, the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 download has already won the approval of IT professionals as well as Windows home users.

download Windows 8 Consumer Preview

After you download Windows 8 beta, during Win8 installation users will be requested to provide Windows 8 product key. Please follow the link to learn how you can get the Windows 8 beta product key.

Download Windows 8 .iso images (Windows 8 Consumer Preview)

To download Windows 8 release Consumer Preview .iso images, users can use this download link.
There are different .iso image files for 64-bit (x64) and 32-bit (x86) Windows 8 operating systems. Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available in 5 languages.
These installations include English, Chinese, French, German and Japanese languages.
32-bit Windows 8 setup files are around 2.5 GB in size. On the other hand, 64-bit installation images are about 3.3 GB

Following links are not working any more unfortunately. Please check for the latest Windows version: download Windows 10

Download Windows 8 (x86) English .iso 2.5 GB from:
Download Windows 8 (x64) English .iso 3.3 GB from:

For other languages, please proceed with below setup images.
Download Windows 8 (x86) German .iso 2.5 GB from:
Download Windows 8 (x64) German .iso 3.3 GB from:
Download Windows 8 (x86) French .iso 2.5 GB from:
Download Windows 8 (x64) French .iso 3.3 GB from:
Download Windows 8 (x86) Japanese .iso 2.5 GB from:
Download Windows 8 (x64) Japanese .iso 3.3 GB from:
And for Chinese
Download Windows 8 (x86) Chinese .iso 2.6 GB from:
Download Windows 8 (x64) Chinese .iso 3.4 GB from:

Download Windows 8 Installer

Users can free download Windows 8 from Microsoft Windows web portal too.
If you choose this page for Win8 download, the Windows 8 Setup (Consumer Preview) executable will download to your PC. The size of the Windows 8 installer tool Windows8-ConsumerPreview-setup.exe file is 5 MB.
When the setup program starts to run, it will check and run some analysis on your PC and will download the right Windows 8 setup version for you.

Windows 8 setup program will prepare and display a report called Windows Installation Compatibility Advisor Report.
The Compatibility report lists applications that will work without a problem on new Windows operation system. Also programs that will cause problem and needs to be uninstalled will also take place in the compatibility list.

Windows Installation Compatibility Advisor Report

Previous Windows 8 Beta Builds

Windows users are looking for Windows 8 download link in order to try the new Microsoft Operating System after the great success of Microsoft Windows 7.

Microsoft plans leaked about Windows 8 shows that Microsoft is planning 2012 as release date of Windows 8. There are also some rumors about the final release date of Win8 pointing a possibility of MS Windows 8 release date in 2011.

But since the first public available download of Windows 8 release date is 19th of September, 2011 it is most possible that the RTM version of Windows 8 release date will be somewhere in mid-2012. Especially developers will like to play around with the first Windows 8 download bits.
Since the first download of Windows 8 is named Windows Developer Preview downloads. Users can find available Windows 8 downloads at MSDN

Microsoft Windows 8 is has been developed on a user interface concept Copenhag Concept developed by Cullen Dudas. It is interesting that some of new Windows 8 features and Windows 8 enhancements offered in this next generation operating system has been implemented by Windows 7 development teams. And some of the Windows 8 features are already included in third-party products which are in the market. On the other hand, what is new about Microsoft Windows 8 is; it is supposed to be a cloud based operating system.

When Microsoft release Windows 8 for Developer Preview build, the Windows 8 CTP download links are issued as follows:
Windows 8, Windows Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit (x64)
64-bit Windows 8 Beta .iso (Windows Developer Preview)

Windows 8, Windows Developer Preview English, 64-bit (x64)
Download link

Windows 8, Windows Developer Preview English, 32-bit (x86)
Download link

Please note that these Windows 8 Developer Preview version is big in size like;
Windows Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit (x64) has a total size of 4.8 GB.
On the other hand, Windows Developer Preview English, 64-bit (x64) has a 3.6 GB size.
And the smallest downloadable version of Windows 8, Windows Developer Preview English, 32-bit (x86) is in 2.8 GB in size.

One important thing is prerequisites for installing Windows 8 and Windows 8 setup success:
Windows 8 builds can be installed on following systems :
Hyper-V in Windows 8 Developer Preview,
Hyper-V in Windows Server 2008 R2,
VMware Workstation 8.0 for Windows, and
VirtualBox 4.1.2 for Windows.

But it will not be possible to setup Window 8 on following systems unfortunately:
Microsoft Virtual PC (for all VPC versions),
Microsoft Virtual Server (for all VS versions),
Windows 7 XP Mode, and on
VMWare Workstation 7.x or older systems.

In case you try to install Windows 8 on unsupported system, you will get HAL_INITIALIZATION FAILED setup error

Of course during the period that the first bits are released by Microsoft, there were some Windows 8 leaks around for community to download and test. Perhaps you might have download Windows 8 leaks and tried some. May be the purpose of these leaks are to get an early feedback from the Microsoft followers. But I believe each of those Windows 8 build will have some bugs and problems preventing it to be a public available download.

If you are looking for first released Microsoft Windows 8 aka Midori screenshots, here is a few screens from new Windows 8 operating system.

Windows 8 beta logon screen
Windows 8 beta desktop

So, perhaps just as it was in Windows 7 development period, it may be better waiting to download Windows 8 and for installing Windows 8 until Windows 8 Beta version is build and distributed from Microsoft Download Center. Here in this Windows 8 downloads page, you will be able to find Windows 8 Beta download link as well as soon as it is available.

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