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How to Create Show Desktop Icon

Perhaps you might have a similar problem with mine, I've experienced recently. I have lost, probably deleted accidentally the desktop shortcut on my quick launch toolbar. This caused an extremely a bothersome case for me since I used many applications and windows of these applications open at the same time and feel frequently the need to display my desktop environment.

And I found the solution by copying the shortcut of Show Desktop icon and displaying the contents of the file by using the notepad application.

The contents of the Show Desktop.scf is as below:


To create a new desktop icon instead of the deleted one, write the above commands in Notepad and save the file as Show Desktop.scf


Or you may copy the Show Desktop.scf file from another computer. Just open the context menu on the desktop icon on the quick launch bar and select copy command from the menu then paste it on the desktop. By this way, you will have a working copy of Show Desktop icon.

Then you can drag and drop the Show Desktop.scf icon to the Quick Launch toolbar by using your mouse.
Or, you can place the Show Desktop.scf by copying it to the related folders.
If you are using an Windows XP system, open the folder "C:\Documents and Settings\%profilename%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" then place the Show Desktop.scf file here.
The same folder is valid also for Windows 2003 systems.



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