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How to Join Files with 001 Extension Using HJSplit File Splitting Program

I have a list of files with extensions avi.001, avi.002, avi.003 and that goes on to avi.008
These list of files with file extension 001,002,003,...,008 belong to download parts of a program, or may be part of movies, etc.
In fact, these files with 001 format are splitted parts of a file with huge size.
Since it makes it difficult to copy, move or download files with big sizes, it is a wise step to split files using a file splitting program.

Here is a list of files with extension .001, .002, .003, etc.

extract files with extension 001 using hjsplit

If you do not know that these 001 files are parts of a file, you might think that you require a 001 player to play movies of files with 001 file extension.
Don't forget there is not such 001 player to play splitted files .001, 002, etc.
There is not also a 001 format for files, this is just naming splitted file parts in order.
They are the outputs of a file split program like HJ-Split.

Now I want to extract these downloaded files with .001 extension.
The perfect tool for merging and getting together splitted parts of huge sizes is the file splitting program HJSplit.
There are many software tools available to file split also for free dowload if you make a search on the web with file split keywords.

File Splitting Program HJSplit 2.4 - Free HJSplit Download

HJSplit file splitting program can also be used to bring back the pieces into the original file.
HJSplit is a free to use program for non-commercial or commercial use which can be downloaded freely from HJSplit Download.
The version of the file splitting program is HJSplit 2.4 and it is compatible with for Windows XP, Vista, 2000, NT, 95, 98, ME, etc.
And I successfully managed to run it on my MS Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (X64) without a problem.
HJSplit is capable of splitting files of any size and any type.
HJSplit download is only 340 KB in size so it takes nothing to HJSplit download, install and use.

HJSplit Tutorial for Joining HJSplit Files 001, 002, etc

Let's start unsplitting the file pieces with HJSplit. Here is a short HJSplit tutorial for joining hjsplit 001 files.
You can follow the step by step guide with screenshots for the sample case.

Run the HJ-Split program.
When the below opening screen is displayed click on the Join button in order to join .001 extension files.


The second wizard screen in the joining .001, .002, ... files is where you will point the input file for joining the file parts.
Note that, you will only select the file with extension .001 and the HJ-Split will automatically find the other parts (like .002, .003, .004) if they are in the same folder with .001 file.
After the input file is selected, HJSplit will display the output file, the joined file outcome of the software in the screen in output text area.
By clicking on the Output area, you can change the location of the output file if you want.

select input file 001 for joining with hjsplit

Click on the Start button to start joining process.

join file parts hjsplit 001 extension

When the joining splitted files with extensions 001,002,003,....,008,etc finished the HJSplit software will inform you.

joinning splitted files 001 completed hjsplit

Click on the Close button to end the task of joinning slitted files 001,002,003 with HJSplit file splitting program.

I hope you liked HJSplit manual demonstrating how to join files HJSplit divived into parts in smaller sizes.
It is very easy and fast to use HJSplit to join files with 001 extension. HJSplit program is my favourite for recovering download parts of movies and programs from internet.

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