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Microsoft NetMeeting XP

What is Microsoft NetMeeting XP ?

Microsoft NetMeeting enables Microsoft Windows users a complete conferencing software solution on Internet.
NetMeeting conferencing solution software includes text chat, multi-point data conferencing, whiteboard.
NetMeeting also enables Windows users peer-to-peer transfer files as well as audio and video files.
NetMeeting is replaced with the new solution Windows Meeting Space offered by Microsoft in Windows Vista Editions.
This means Windows Vista users will not be able to find the Microsoft NetMeeting XP on their computers. Windows Vista users can reach the new collaboration application software Windows Meeting Space by selecting "Windows Meeting Space" item among the "All Programs" menu list.

microsoft netmeeting software

Where can I download Microsoft NetMeeting XP to install it on my computers ?

If your computer is running on a Microsoft Windows XP OS, you do not need to download NetMeeting for XP seperately and install Microsoft NetMeeting.
Microsoft NetMeeting is installed by default on MS Windows XP operating system.

Unfortunately Microsoft removed NetMeeting download

Where is Microsoft NetMeeting installed on Windows XP computers ?

You can find the NetMeeting executable conf.exe in folder "C:\Program Files\NetMeeting".

If you are using Microsoft Windows NetMeeting application on Windows XP for the first time, you have to configure your NetMeeting software.

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