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Avoid from List of Top 10000 Passwords for Secure Password

Here is top 100 passwords used frequently by users. I prepared this from the top 10000 most common passwords list I found on the web with difficulty. Besides the most preffered passwords list, I also added a few suggestions for users to have a more strength password to keep their accounts secure.

Here are a list of passwords that you should never use! Of course if you want to avoid your website, email account or other accounts to be hacked.

In this guide I am sharing top 100 passwords from the most common 10000 passwords excluding some of them list with you. Please note that you should never never never use any of them on your PC, on the internet, etc. Since all hackers are aware of such a list that contains common passwords people prefer to use just because of easy to remember, etc, using any of these passwords will be an open vulnerability for your account and an easy target to be hached. Hackers will start using these passwords to hack into your account.

Be sure that you don't have an habit to use passwords similar to shown on the below top common passwords list. Check and control that your passwords are not on the list.

Since most of the time the only thing preventing your accounts like public email addresses is your password, so it is best option to choose a strong password.

By the way, there are alot of online password strength checking tool on the web. I believe it is not safe to test your real password on these sites. It is not because I don't trust those web sites, but the web traffic you are generating can be tracked somehow. I think it is safe to try similar strings instead of your password if you really wonder how your password strength is.

I have also generated a password creator code for SQL developers. If you are interested in it you can check it as SQL Password Generator to Create Random Password

Top 100 Common Passwords List and Properties of a Weak Password

Let's first look at the top 100 of the most frequently used passwords list and then try to understand what are the properties of a weak password. Then we can create a strong password for our accounts' security. Here is the top 100 most common passwords list. Please note that I have hide some of the passwords used because of adult words.

top 100 common passwords list

Now summarize features of a weak password by analyzing above list to reach a more strength password for our own.

Number 1 tip for you! "Password" is not a secure password for your account safety :)

Note that the sequence 1234, etc is very common like "qwerty". The list contains nearly most of the passwords formed of names or words of meaningful names.

And what is another important thing to pay attention: The average length of top 100 passwords is 6.26 characters.

And did you see any special characters in the list. NO!

Build a Strong Password not to Fall into Top Passwords List

Just a note for secure passwords. A secure password should contain at least one item from each of the following categories:
uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters like '%&$*-+?' etc.
Please avoid repeating same characters, or using sequential numeric or alphabetical values like 123 or aBc, etc.
Since in general users prefer to use a single special character at the end of the password, try to be one of those users. Keep at least one special character additionally in the middle of the password character list.

Keep the password length at least at 8 characters. Ten character passwords, or best keep it at 14 characters.

Download Most Common Top 10000 Passwords List

I was searching for the most frequently used passwords list for the SQL tutorial I was writing.
I learnt that there is a top 10000 most common passwords list prepeared. Unfortunately it is difficult to find it on the web. Because the web site originally publishing the list is not active any more.

Because of this reason I thought it is good to share the link with you, the most common 10 thousand passwords choosen by users

Top 10000 most common passwords list

I hope it helps,
I've used this list for password validation and password strength checking tool that I developed in SQL for SQL Server and applications using SQL Server as database in the backend

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