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MindJet Mind Manager as Mind Mapping Software

MindJet for Windows is new version of Mind Manager software. MindJet users can create mind maps around a topic and include ideas, thoughts, solutions and inspirations in this mind map using MindJet mind mapping software on their computers.

As we all know the first mind mapping concept was implemented on blank papers. But now we have many mind mapping software packages providing a work area on computers for users demanding creativity.

MindJet mind mapping software for creativity

Start building your first Mind Mapping diagram

MindJet provides video tutorials and a good help documentation for users to make a quick start for creating creative mind mapping solutions. Also the mind mapping tool is launced with various templates to make it easier for users.

Using MindJet you can rate ideas on your mind map easily in a visual way.

visual priority and icon usage in mind mapping tool
Priority icons to rate your ideas and thoughts in your mind map

Connect Database and Fetch Tables onto Mind Map

If you are a database developer or administrator working on database design, you can connect to a database server and fetch current database table structure onto your current mind map. Database connection enables brainstorming on your mind map by team members without the requirement of an additional software like SQL Server Management Studio, or Microsoft Access, etc.

database connection in mind mapping software MindJet
MindJet can connect to SQL Server or other databases to get tables on your Mind Map

MindJet collaboration over Microsoft Office tools

What is nice about MindJet mind mapping tool is that it provides a team work platform with its full integration to Microsoft Office platform. MindJet collaborative functions enable users to interact with other users who are involved in a project, or in a team over Microsoft Office tools.

MindJet Mind Manager can export mind maps, documents or tasks using Microsoft Outlook, MS SharePoint, MS PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, MS Word etc. You can use your mind map on a PowerPoint presentation or create Word documents including your mind mapping solution.

Download free Mind Mapping Software MindJet Trial

If you want to try MindJet, you can free download mind mapping software for trial purpose for a period of 30 days using download link MindJet

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Mind Mapping

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