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Oracle Database Administration and PL/SQL Oracle Database Tutorials

This section includes Oracle Database Administration, PL/SQL Oracle Development Articles and Oracle Database tutorials.

Oracle VirtualBox Download for Windows 7
I suggest to download VirtualBox who wants to install Windows 8 on a virtual machine. Oracle VirtualBox download for Windows 7 will enable IT professionals to install Windows 8 easily on a 32bit or 64-bit computer.
Oracle Essentials
PL/SQL developers and Oracle database administrators can download Oracle Essentials, 4th Edition ebook for free from Red Gate.
PL/SQL Double Quotes for Space in Table Name in Oracle Database
PL/SQL developers can use space in table name in Oracle database using "double quotes"
But when you use space in table name, you must be careful against case sensitivity during PL/SQL code execution on Oracle database
Oracle PL/SQL Analytical Functions : First_Value
PL/SQL First_Value() function is an analytical function in Oracle database server. Oracle First_Value analytical function returns the first expression in the order defined by "Order By" clause.
Create Oracle Linked Server to Query data from Oracle to SQL Server
This SQL Server tutorial shows how to create SQL Server linked server to Oracle database, for SQL Server administrators and t-sql developers to execute sql statements over the target Oracle database tables.
ORA-00923: FROM keyword not found where expected
In order to avoid ORA-00923: FROM keyword not found where expected error message, PL/SQL developers can Select system variables, or Select data that does not require an Oracle table FROM DUAL table.
Oracle 11g Download
PL/SQL developers and Oracle Database administrators can free download Oracle 11g database for Release 1 and Release 2 versions.
Data Dictionary in Oracle - Tools and Charts
For Oracle database professionals, Computer Associates published Data Dictionary Poster for Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g. The Data Dictionary Poster Flash for Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g is a very handy Oracle tool for PL/SQL developers and Oracle Database Administrators
Download Oracle Database 10g Express Edition
Download Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Oracle Database XE) for free
Now there is a starter level, free downloadable database Oracle Database 10g Express Edition or also known as Oracle Database XE. You can download the Oracle database free for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

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