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SQL Capitalize First Letter - SQL Capitalize String

Here is a t-sql script which can be used to capitalize string in SQL Server development.
The below sql codes will capitalize first letter in a word.
The input is a sql string which is converted to upper case letters at first letter of each word.
Words in a sentence are distinguished by SPACE character.

DECLARE @Word nvarchar(max)
set @Word = 't-sql tutorial - sql capitalize first letter - sql capitalize string'
DECLARE @Word2 nvarchar(max) = @Word

select @Word = STUFF(LOWER(@Word),1,1,upper(left(@word,1)))

declare @i int, @j int
set @i = CHARINDEX(' ',@Word2,1)

while @i > 0
  select @j = @i, @i = @i + 1
  select @Word = STUFF(@word,@i,1,upper(SUBSTRING(@word,@i,1)))
  select @Word2 = STUFF(@word2,@j,1,'-')
  select @i = CHARINDEX(' ',@Word2,1)

select @Word

The output of the t-sql capitalize first letter script is as follows :
T-sql Tutorial - Sql Capitalize First Letter - Sql Capitalize String

An other method is to split the sentence into words, capitalize first letter then sql concatenate string back

   ' ' + STUFF(val,1,1,upper(left(val,1)))
  FROM dbo.split(@word,' ')
  ), 1, 1, ''
 ) As capitalize_string

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