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Download TrueCrypt Windows Disk Encryption Tool

TrueCrypt is a free open source Windows disk encryption tool.

I used once TrueCrypt for keeping my username and password files that I used during filling the registration forms of programming web sites.

I used to use a Microsoft Private Folder tool for keeping my private files and confidential data in a secure folder.
But unfortunately Microsoft does not support Microsoft Private Folder and even Windows Vista as well as Windows 7 does not support installation of this file folder encryption tool.

Microsoft has introduced Windows BitLocker disk encryption tool with Windows Vista.
But users did not use BitLocker with Vista because of its difficulty to use.
Microsoft has enhanced Windows 7 BitLocker and Windows BitLocker to Go for easy use of Windows users to keep their confidential data secure.

Important Update: Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues
This warning is displayed on the SourceFoege.Net web page of the TrueCrypt.
Users are adviced to use BitLocker instead of TrueCrypt

But what makes the TrueCrypt preferrable is you can create a file which is a container for other encrypted files.
I downloaded TrueCrypt free Windows disk encryption tool from TrueCrypt pages.
It is very small in size and is very easy to install the TrueCrypt.

If you want to use free tool to keep your sensitive files in a confidential folder, I can suggest you to use TrueCrypt disk encryption tool.
Please follow the instructions at title named "How to Create and Use a TrueCrypt Container" at Beginner's Tutorial.

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