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Free HTTP Analyzer Download to analyze HTTP Header

Web developers can use free HTTP analyzer tools to analyze HTTP headers during HTTP requests and responses between client web browsers and IIS web servers. You can try any free HTTP analyzer download listed in this web tools guide.
Web developers can easily analyze which HTTP requests are made from client to which IP addresses. And they can see which status codes are returned as HTTP responses from the IIS (Internet Information Server) web server. Besides the content of the HTTP headers and the body of the Request and Response packets can be observed by these HTTP sniffer tools. Information about HTTP traffic between your computer and Interner or the web server can help IT professionals to troubleshoot especially the connectivity problems between Internet Information Services (IIS) and web client browsers.


First HTTP analyzer is WFetch Utility tool. You can download it within the IIS 6.0 Resource Tool Kit from IIS 6.0 Resource Kit

The utility tool WFetch is not support by Microsoft. On the other hand, WFetch tool can be used to provide detailed information about the traffic between clients and web servers.

WFetch Utility tool
Click here for original screenshot of WFetch

Here is a screen from the WFetch utility tool. You can begin using WFetch by entering the Host as the domain name and the Path as the path of the document which you want to make a request.


Fiddler is a HTTP Debugging Proxy. You can view the HTTP traffic between a client computer and the Internet or a web server. You can download free Fiddler tool from http://www.fiddlertool.com/fiddler/version.asp. When installed Fidller adds its icon to the web browsers toolbar. You can activate the Fidller by using this icon placed in the toolbar whenever you want to analyze HTTP headers.

Fiddler HTTP Debugging Proxy Tool
Click here for original screenshot of Fiddler


HttpWatch is an other program for analyzing HTTP traffic. But this HTTP analyzer tool is not free as the above two tools. But you can download and try it free. When HttpWatch is installed it also places its icon on the toolbar just like the Fiddler does. The homepage for HttpWatch tool is http://www.simtec.ltd.uk

HttpWatch HTTP trafic Analyze tool
Click here for original screenshot of HttpWatch


Web developers can use LiveHTTPHeaders HTTP analyzer tool for debugging their web applications. As well as inspecting web traffic details between the server and the client, you can get informations about the web server. The LiveHTTPHeaders is a free to use tool. You can find more information and download versions at http://livehttpheaders.mozdev.org

Click here for original screenshot of LiveHTTPHeaders

IE HTTP Analyzer

HTTP Analyzer is also a handy tool for capturing and analyzing the HTTP and HTTPS traffic. You can display HTTP headers, body of the HTTP request and HTTP response objects, cookies, query string, post data and redirect url. You can use filter properties for the logged requests and responses. The Status Code Definition tab is also helpful for http status code definitions. This integrated HTTP sniffer tool has also a trial period which you can use this tool free for a short time. To download HTTP analyzer tool, please visit http://www.ieinspector.com/httpanalyzer/download.html

IE HTTP Analyzer
Click here for original screenshot of HTTP Analyzer

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