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Download ePub Reader for Windows for Free

To read ePub documents on PC, download free ePub reader programs for Windows like Adobe Digital Editions, Scilti or EPUBReader Fire Fox extension for your web browser.

ePub stands for electronic publication and is one of the ebook file formats and is read by using an ePub document reader or an ePub converter program.

.ePub file is like a .zip file and you can display the contents of the ePub document by using an unzip program. Of course an ePub viewer program displays the zipped contents of the epub file as an electronic version of a printed book. But different ePub reader tools provide different reading experience on your PC. I hope I can suggest you one of the best ePub reader application to download and use on your PC in this tool review.

One of the best choice as a ePub reader download is free Adobe Digital Editions. Adobe Digital Editions is an easy to use ePub file reader. Also it provides a table of contents for easy navigation between ebook pages.

Adobe Digital Editions Home edition is a available for free download and has versions for both Windows and Macintosh. You can download ADE ePub reader for free using the referred link.

download ePub reader Adobe Digital Editions free
Adobe Digital Editions is my favorite ePub reader for PC

Of course on your PC you can convert Firefox web browser into an ePub document reader by installing EPUBReader Firefox extension. You can free download and install EPUBReader Firefox extension for Windows using the referred add-on link. This ePub reader tool also provides table of contents of your electronic ebook.

There are some other alternative ePub readers for PC like Azardi, Calibre ePub viewer or Sumatra PDF which has also ePub support.

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