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Enable Resource Governor on SQL Server 2014

To enable Resource Governor SQL Server database administrators can use SQL Server Management Studio or execute SQL commands to manage Resource Governor to enable or disable. When SQL Server is installed the Resource Governor is disabled by default. If a database administrator wants to activate Resource Governor and use for managing resources on a SQL Server instance, he or she has to enable Resource Governor first.

This SQL Server tutorial shows how to enable Resource Governor on SQL Server 2014 instance by using SQL Server Management Studio and T-SQL commands.

Enable Resource Governor using SQL Server 2014 Management Studio

Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to SQL Server 2014 instance.
Within Object Explorer window, drill down Management node.
Right click on Resource Governor, and choose Enable.

enable Resource Governor in SQL Server Management Studio

When the SQL Server Resource Governor is enabled, the Disable option will be active to turn off Resource Governor feature on current SQL Server instance.

While connected to the SQL Server instance via SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio), an other option is to enable or disable SQL Server Resource Governor from the Properties window.

SQL Server Resource Governor properties

On Resource Governor Properties screen, make sure you mark "Enable Resource Governor" checkbox and OK button.

Enable SQL Server 2014 Resource Governor

Enable Resource Governor using Transact-SQL Code

"Alter Resouce Governor" T-SQL command enables SQL Server database administrators to enable or disable Resource Governor tool on target SQL Server 2014 instances by using SQL code.

ALTER RESOURCE GOVERNOR DISABLE; -- to disable Resource Governor

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