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Table Type Selection for VBFA

On a recent ATC check on one of SAP HANA AMDP procedure codes, I realized that TT_VBFA (Sorted Table Type of VBFA) is not the correct ABAP dictionary object and VBFA_T (Table Type for Structure VBFA) should be used for code quality for your ABAP developments.

Instead of using the correct table type for VBFA, I mean wrong selection of TT_VBFA instead of VBFA_T caused listing of following ATC checks in the error list.

Package Check for Source Code Objects and ABAP Dictionary Objects
Package Violation - Error - Missing use access (USEM). ... ...
Missing use access for usage of TTYP TT_VBFA.
The package /KODYAZ/SOM_INFO_ORDER of the client object CLAS /KODYAZ/SOM_INFO_ORDER_AMDP does not have sufficient use access to use the development object TTYP TT_VBFA (package ERP_SD_ANALYTICS_CORE).
Cannot be hidden using a pragma or pseudo-comment

S/4HANA: Search for usages of simplified objects
Syntactically incompatible change of existing functionality
(TTYP TT_VBFA, see Note(s): 0002228056)
SAP S/4HANA - Simplification Item SI9: SD_ODP - Operational
Cannot be hidden using a pragma or pseudo-comment

As seen in below, all above ATC checks are violated because the AMDP class method parameter uses an inappropriate data type for VBFA table type.

choose VBFA_T table type for VBFA instead of TT_VBFA in ABAP programs

After replacing TT_VBFA with VBFA_T in method definition in ABAP code, all above errors are resolved in one correction.

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