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SAP UI5 Themes List

SAP UI5 developers can use different themes to change the color and visible atributes of their web applications. SAP provides pre-installed themes for developers to use in their SAP UI5 application web pages. In this SAP UI5 tutorial, I listed 6 themes which can be customized by changing the data-sap-ui-theme attribute of sap-ui-bootstrap script object defined with bootstrap script tag.

Developers can find the themes provided by SAPUI5 under folders in "/resource/sap/ui/" folder

Here is the available list of themes that SAP UI5 developers can use on their applications:

SAP UI 5 developers can replace the below script where the theme for HTML5 sap-ui-bootstrap object data-sap-ui-theme attribute is set with one of the theme names listed above.

<script src="/sap/ui5/1/resources/sap-ui-core.js" id="sap-ui-bootstrap"
  data-sap-ui-libs="sap.ui.commons, sap.ui.table,sap.ui.ux3"

Here is a simple view of HTML5 display of the simple SAP HANA application with one data table for different SAP UI5 themes. I prepared the table list using SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench perslist personel list tutorial

SAP UI5 theme base
"base" theme

SAP UI5 theme sap_hcb
"sap_hcb" theme

SAP UI5 theme sap_ux
"sap_ux" theme

SAP UI5 theme sap_platinum
"sap_platinum" theme

SAP UI5 theme sap_bluecrystal
"sap_bluecrystal" theme

SAP UI5 theme sap_goldreflection
"sap_goldreflection" theme

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