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clientaccesspolicy.xml crossdomain.xml is not configured

"clientaccesspolicy.xml is not configured" and "crossdomain.xml is not configured" errors are reported at configuration check for Personas System using /PERSOS/ADMIN_UI transaction, after installing SAP Personas on SAP system.

To run a configuration check on SAP Personas System, call the SAP Personas admin transaction /PERSOS/ADMIN_UI
Drill down the Tools node.
Execute Configuration Check tool


As seen in above screenshot, two errors are reported after the configuration check is processed:
clientaccesspolicy.xml is not configured
crossdomain.xml is not configured

I found a thread on SCN about this configuration error and how to correct it at Configuration Check shows Clientaccesspolicy.xml & crossdomain.xml as not configured

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clientaccesspolicy.xml crossdomain.xml is not configured
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