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ATC Error S/4HANA: Field length extensions for MATNR

On SAP S/4HANA developments, if you run ATC for static code check, you can see S/4HANA: Field length extensions errors on result list because of change in field lengths like MATNR domain is now 40 characters long. It was 18 characters long before.

S/4HANA Field length extensions ATC error for MATNR domain

Check Title S/4HANA: Field length extensions
Check Message ... <->
Priority Priority 3
DOMA MATNR, Note: 0002215424 <->
Finding can be suppressed with pseudo comment CI_FLDEXT_OK

Actually I checked the code and ABAP structures I used where MATNR domain is used as mentioned in the error message.
I see that every where I use MATNR, field length is used as 40 characters so I am sure it will not cause a problem.
So I decided to use the pseudo comment CI_FLDEXT_OK

call function 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY' exporting
i_callback_program = gs_variant-report
i_callback_user_command = 'FRM_ALV_CALLBACK'
i_structure_name = 'ZDISINVALV'
i_save = 'A'
is_layout = gs_layout
t_outtab = gt_alv_xxl "#EC CI_FLDEXT_OK
program_error = 1
others = 2 .

Another case that I met with the same error was as seen in following screenshot

Material Number Field length Extension - S/4HANA Field length extensions

S/4HANA Field length extensions
Generic code issue
2215424 (Note number)
Material Number Field length Extension

Following the same solution, I applied the pseudo comment CI_FLDEXT_OK as seen in below ABAP code

cl_demo_output=>display( lt_result ). "#EC CI_FLDEXT_OK

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