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ATC Check Message: Title Not Defined for ABAP Program

Running ATC checks on an ABAP program displays missing title creation for example with Extended Program Check (SLIN) TITLE not defined message. Recently, I run ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) tests on my new ABAP report on a new SAP HANA system, I got this message indicating the GUI title is not defined.

In ATC Check result list, I see the following error: Extended Program Check (SLIN) TITLE not defined

Extended program check: Title not defined

In order to correct this ABAP ATC check message, I added following ABAP code to define a titlebar named "TITLE".
Of course, ABAP developers are free to name the titlebar as they wish.

set titlebar 'TITLE'.

Then double click on TITLE to create the title bar object which will be listed in the object hierarchy of the current ABAP program.

create title for ABAP program

Provide a descriptive title and hit OK.
Now the GUI Title object will be listed and visible in object list of the related ABAP program

ABAP program GUI Title

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