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How to Save Office Communicator IM Conversation to Communicator Conversation History Folder

I see that many Microsoft Office Communicator users are asking How to save IM conversation or instant messages using MS Office Communicator 2007. An automatic save option for Microsoft Office Communicator conversation will be very useful to store and later check those instant messaging logs and chat records.

On the contrary many Enterprise Messaging Administrators may choose to disable Microsoft Office Communicator users to save their instant messages on the MS Office Communicator instant messaging application.
If you download MS Office Communicator 2007 Document: Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 Group Policy Settings guide from Microsoft Downloads, you will see that it is possible to prevent Office Communicator users from saving instant messages (IM) through group policies.

The MS Office Communicator 2007 Group Policy DisableSavingIM prevents or enables Communicator users to save their conversations or instant messages within the Microsoft Office Communicator 2007

Possible Values :
Not set = User choice (default = saved).
0 = Instant messages are saved.
1 = Instant messages are not saved.

In order to enable Office Communicator users save their conversation through Microsoft Office Communicator 2007, for each installation you can follow the below steps.

Go to MS Office Communicator top menu, follow Tools > Options ... menu option selections as seen on the instant messaging screen shot.

save conversation options Office Communicator options

On the Options screen, go to Personal tab.
In the Personal Information Manager section, be sure that the checkbox option "Save my instant message conversations in the Outlook Conversation History folder" is marked.
Then all your instant messages (IM) or all your Office Communicator conversation will be stored in your MS Outlook in a "Conversation History" named special folder.

save Office Communicator conversation

If your company does not prevent its Office Communicator users to save their conversation history, you will be able to set and configure those two options as you wish as follows

save Office Communicator communication history in Outlook Conversation History folder

This update in Communicator configuration will enable you to save your Office Communicator communication history in Outlook Conversation History folder. If there is not already an existing Conversation History folder in your Microsoft Outlook email client, restart MS Outlook and Office Communicator. After you restart both programs, you will see an entry for each conversation in your Microsoft Outlook Mailbox's Conversation History folder.

Microsoft Outlook Office Communicator Conversation History folder

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