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SQL Prompt Version 2.0

SQL Prompt is a SQL Server tool from Red-Gate software.
SQL Prompt supplies intellisense support for Query Analyzer, Enterprise Manager, SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio .NET 2003, Visual Studio .NET 2005, UltraEdit and EditPlus 2.

You can download SQL Prompt free tool until 1st September 2006. The download size of the SQL Prompt is 5.1 MB.

SQL Prompt free download

You can invoke the SQL Prompt intellisense any where on the editor when you press CTRL+SPACEBAR

You can also use snipplets. Snipplets are pre-written and saved codes. You can add new code snipplets to SQL Prompt. Every snipplet has a shortcut that you can define. During your edit in your development environment, after you have typed the shortcut and then pressed the TAB key, the pre-saved code will replace the shortcut you have typed recently.

One nice property of SQL Prompt SQL Server tool is that you can filter related tables and columns from relations between tables in databases.

For example, I could type the below code in 20 key strokes including the tabs, etc with the default settings of the SQL Prompt.

inner join States on Cities.StateId = States.StateId

Type "ssf" then press TAB, the SQL Prompt will replace the ssf with "SELECT * FROM".
Then the list of table names will be listed, type the first initials of the table name and select the desired table.
I typed ci until I reached Cities table name.
In the list not only the tables are listed. Views and names of other databases available in the current instance are also listed.
Then I typed "inner join " and then pressed Ctrl+SpaceBar to invoke the intellisense.
A list of related tables which the original table colum references or tables whose columns reference to the original table columns are listed.
Also the columns of those tables are shown in a tooltip screen.
Select the table from the list. Then type "on" to join the tables.
Then the relationship between the two tables are shown. You can select it and then these two tables are joined according to that relationship.

I believe it will be easier than it is seen above when you try it a few times and get an experience using the SQL Prompt software.

You can view the SQL Prompt SQL Server tool product page for latest version and find more detailed information at Red-Gate Product page

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