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SAP Tables TVLKT - Delivery Types Texts Table for ABAP

SAP table TVLKT named "Delivery Types Texts" is used to store delivery types texts.
The translations of delivery document delivery types are listed in this ABAP table.

In SAP systems, Delivery Type is used to classify and distinguish different types of delivery.
Each delivery type identifies how the ERP system will process the related delivery.
This means which data is required to be collected from the SAP users, which screens will be activated and used during the processes of the related delivery document.

SAP users can display Delivery Type text using VL03N SAP transaction code.
When you open the Delivery document using VL03N in display mode, first go to the Header Details screen.
Within the Delivery Header Details screen, click and display the Administration tab.
In the Control Data section, SAP users can see the Delivery Type input area where delivery type code and delivery type text is displayed side by side.


Here is the ABAP table structure of TVLKT Delivery Type Texts table.
ABAP developers can display the table structure using SAP SE11 transaction code.


In SAP table TVLKT, SPRAS field is used for translation language code like "EN", "IT", or "TR".
And Delivery Type code is stored in LFART ABAP field.
VTEXT is the ABAP field where translated Delivery Type text is stored.

In SAP system, delivery document header information is stored in ABAP transparent table LIKP SD Document: Delivery Header Data.
LIKP table has LFART field where delivery type is stored.

Here is a sample ABAP code selecting delivery type text for an SAP delivery note document.

REPORT Z_Delivery_Types_Text.

  lv_vbeln TYPE vbeln,
  ls_likp TYPE likp,
  lv_lfart TYPE lfart,
  lv_vtext TYPE vtext.

lv_vbeln = '9180003422'.

IF sy-subrc = 0.
  lv_lfart = ls_likp-lfart.

    SPRAS = 'EN'
    AND LFART = lv_lfart.



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