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How to Prevent DROP Table using SQL Server View With SchemaBinding

SQL programmers can create SQL Server database VIEW objects using With SchemaBinding option.
To create view with SchemaBinding enables sql developers create database view objects that will prevent changes in the dependent database objects.
This will result in more stable sql View objects.

SQL Server database administrators can use Create View With SchemaBinding syntax to prevent unauthorized Drop Table commands.
This is an alternative method of preventing database tables to using DDL Trigger against DROP Table in SQL Server.

For example, as a SQL Server administrator if you don't want someone to drop table SQLTable1 and drop table SQLTable2, you can create a view with schemabinding option.
In the SELECT statement of the new sql view, you can select rows from those sql tables that you want to prevent them from accidental DROP.


SELECT TOP 1 null colname FROM dbo.SQLTable1
SELECT TOP 1 null FROM dbo.SQLTable2

In order to manage all database tables in single SQL View, you can "SELECT TOP 1 NULL" row from each database table. And you can use UNION ALL to manage this in a single SELECT.

Let's now make a sql example, how will Create View With SchemaBinding will prevent sql tables from an unauthorized Drop Table statement.
Create a dummy sql database table named SQLTable1.
Then execute following sql drop table command.


The output of the above t-sql DROP Table command will result like a following result.

Msg 3729, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Cannot DROP TABLE 'SQLTable1' because it is being referenced by object 'v_PreventDropTable'.

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