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How to Convert Gregorian To Julian Date Format using T-SQL User Defined Function with Sample SQL Code

Julian date YYDDD format : In Julian date, date values are displayed in YYYYDDD or YYDDD formats.
The sample t-sql function is a Gregorian Julian converter function.

T-SQL User Defined Function to Convert Gregorian To Julian Date Format

Converting Gregorian to Julian calendar dates can be implemented by using a user defined t-sql function.
The advantage of using a sql function is you can use this gregorian to julian converter for later use in your t-sql codes.

The Gregorian to Julian conversion should take into consideration the leap years.
While developing on SQL Server by using the build-in t-sql datetime functions, developers do not need to code any specific code for leap years.
The sql engine will take care of the leap years, 29 days in February every 4 year.

CREATE FUNCTION dbo.ConvertGregorianToJulianDate
  @Gregorian datetime

DECLARE @DDD varchar(3)

      CAST(YEAR(@Gregorian) AS CHAR(4)) + '0101',
    ) + 1
    AS CHAR(3)

  CAST(YEAR(@Gregorian) AS CHAR(4)) +
  REPLICATE('0', 3-LEN(@DDD)) +


Sample SQL Code to Convert Gregorian Date to Julian Date on MS SQL Server

Here is a sql sample code displaying how you can use the t-sql user defined function dbo.ConvertGregorianToJulianDate in a sample for converting a datetime value in Gregorian date format to Julian date format.

DECLARE @Gregorian datetime
SET @Gregorian = GETDATE()
SELECT dbo.ConvertGregorianToJulianDate(@Gregorian)

You can find a t-sql user defined function for converting Julian to Gregorian date at "How to Convert Julian To Gregorian Date Format using T-SQL User Defined Function with Sample SQL Code".

I hope you will find the sql function ConvertGregorianToJulianDate useful for converting Gregorian to Julian calendar dates.

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