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How to Build SQL Server Dynamic SQL Query Example

In this SQL tutorial, sql developers will find an sql dynamic query example.
Creating a T-SQL dynamic query is easy using string concatenation. I will try to build a dynamic sql query in SQL Server which can be altered and placed in a SQL Server stored procedure.

declare @sql nvarchar(max)
declare @where nvarchar(10) = '
where '
declare @and nvarchar(10) = ''

declare @name nvarchar(50) = N'ML'
declare @finishedgood bit = 0
declare @class nchar(2) = N'M'
declare @safetystock smallint = 1000

SET @sql = N'
select *
from Production.Product'

if @name is not null
 set @sql = @sql + @where + @and + 'Name LIKE N''' + @name + '%'''
 set @where = ''

if @finishedgood is not null
 if @where = '' set @and = ' and
 set @sql = @sql + @where + @and + 'FinishedGoodsFlag = ' + CAST(@finishedgood as nvarchar(3))
 set @where = ''

if @class is not null
 if @where = '' set @and = ' and
 set @sql = @sql + @where + @and + 'Class = N''' + @class + ''''
 set @where = ''

if @safetystock is not null
 if @where = '' set @and = ' and
 set @sql = @sql + @where + @and + 'SafetyStockLevel <= ' + CAST(@safetystock as nvarchar(10))
 set @where = ''

print @sql

exec sp_executesql @sql

The above dynamic sql query forms the below sql Select statement.

select *
from Production.Product
where Name LIKE N'ML%' and
 FinishedGoodsFlag = 0 and
 Class = N'M ' and
 SafetyStockLevel <= 1000

After creating dynamic sql query with concatenate string method, in order to get a result set sql developers can run the final t-sql script using sp_executesql procedure.
And the returned sp_executesql result set of the above dynamic sql query is as follows :

Create dynamic sql select statement

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