HTML5 Audio Tag Example

This HTML5 tutorial shows how to play audio files on an HTML5 web page

In this HTML5 tutorial section, I'll show how to enable web users play audio files on a web page using basic HTML5 audio element.

Here is how HTML5 Audio element is displayed on a web page with controls enables.

And below HTML developers can find HTML5 audio tag codes too.
<audio controls="controls">
 <source src="html5-audio-example-mp3.mp3" />
 <source src="html5-audio-example-wav.wav" />
 <b>This browser does not support HTML5 audio tag</b>

In this section, two sound files can be played dynamically using HTML5 and Javascript.

Click here to play HTML5 audio file ( html5-audio-example-wav.wav )
Click here to play another HTML5 audio file ( html5-audio-example-mp3.mp3 )