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Remember What You Learn

Last post 08-19-2019, 9:30 AM by eralper. 0 replies.
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  •  08-19-2019, 9:30 AM 54015

    Remember What You Learn

    I was recently listening a video recording from Codecademy named "How to Remember Everything You're Learning" and I found it interesting so I wanted to share some notes from that webcast with you.

    First of all the link of the video recording is here

    1. Focus on understanding concepts, ideas and algorithms instead of memorization of codes and code syntax

    2. Work on project to apply what you learnt

    3. View other developers' codebase (like GitHub) and projects and work with different development tools.

    4. Find a community to share, collaborate and give or receive feedback on projects and developments.

    5. Know where to find answers to your questions.

    6. Collect good resources (resources online, forums, blogs, websites, etc.)

    7. Take notes

    6. Practise regularly

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