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No unread posts IT Recruitment
IT Recruitment, IT Jobs for Information Technology professionals. Career opportunities and job opennings on various information technology topics like SQL Server admins, programmers, system administrators, SAP and ABAP consultants, etc.
Python ve PHP ile Oracle...
by eralper
12-08-2017 1:11 AM
8 9
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No unread posts General SAP, ERP
What is ERP, SAP, ABAP, general topics related with SAP
XML File upload into SAP...
by SreeMukku
08-27-2020 11:03 AM
145 199
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No unread posts SQL Server 2000
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database Server T-SQL features and Database components
Re: mysql
by eralper
11-05-2012 2:46 PM
16 29
No unread posts T-SQL
Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL development for sql programmers and web developers, improvements in new SQL Server versions and real life tips an tricks
How to list SQL triggers...
by eralper
10-09-2018 3:11 AM
58 105
No unread posts Reporting Services
Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Report building tutorials with tips and tricks
Re: deploying reports
by Kanasnan
07-31-2020 6:16 AM
68 121
No unread posts Analysis Services
MS SQL Server Analysis Services tutorials for BI (business intelligence) developers using SSAS
Connecting to Microsoft A...
by eralper
06-28-2011 3:58 AM
8 13
No unread posts SQL Server 2005
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 discussion on SQL Server tools like backup, restore, database wizard and t-sql development
Re: find intime and out t...
by eralper
10-17-2014 5:20 PM
42 68
No unread posts Notification Services
MS SQL Server Notification Services forum for database developers
Re: Microsoft SQL Server...
by eralper
03-15-2005 7:59 AM
1 2
No unread posts MS Access
Microsoft Access Database forum for MS Access developers building applications using it
Re: Microsoft Access Pass...
by ivanademos
06-21-2018 2:32 AM
2 4
No unread posts SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) features and improvements for SQL Server BI developers
SQL Server Integration Is...
by jessicaah
04-10-2019 1:38 AM
4 5
No unread posts Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (code name Katmai) Data Platform and components for SQL Server administrators and T-SQL Developers
Re: List of some good MSB...
by m8win-niche
09-11-2016 4:56 AM
43 89
No unread posts SQL Server Article Review Discussion Forum
Re: String Manipulation t...
by DGPickett
06-15-2011 9:15 AM
1 2
No unread posts SQL Server 2012 Denali
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Denali T-SQL improvements for SQL developers, SSAS and SSIS enhancements for BI developers and new features for Database Administrators
Re: Error
by eralper
03-30-2018 10:23 AM
13 21
No unread posts SQL Server 2014
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 discussion forum Hekaton developers and database administrators
Re: SQL tables are missin...
by eralper
08-14-2018 2:28 PM
5 8
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No unread posts ASP.NET (Web Forms)
Using ASP.NET (Web Forms) for web development, ASP.NET forums and developer questions
Mobile UI/UX Design and D...
by jeminacrown
02-26-2015 5:18 AM
46 83
No unread posts VS.NET 2003 - VS 2005 - VS2008 - VS2010
VS.NET 2003, Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008 and VS2010 IDE, Microsoft .NET Framework Development Tool for developers
Visual Studio 2019
by eralper
12-17-2018 8:46 AM
19 35
No unread posts Smart Client (Windows Forms)
Bir Form için Default but...
by eralper
05-10-2005 4:00 AM
4 4
No unread posts Web Services
Microsoft .NET Web Services and Web Service development forum for ASP.NET and Web Service programmers
Re: ECommerce Website Dev...
by muneebqadar
11-02-2016 4:11 AM
10 20
No unread posts LINQ: Language Integrated Query
LINQ (Language Integrated Query) forum for development questions of Microsoft .NET Framework Developers
101 LINQ Samples in VB.NE...
by eralper
04-24-2008 4:35 PM
1 1
No unread posts VSTS and TFS
Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server
BuildServerException TF21...
by eralper
05-13-2008 7:05 AM
1 1
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No unread posts Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012
Free Windows Server 2012...
by eralper
09-06-2012 6:42 AM
1 1
No unread posts Windows XP
Re: How to recover delete...
by ekshi
05-03-2018 1:51 AM
31 116
No unread posts Windows Vista (Longhorn)
Windows Vista operating system discussions and Windows tools for Vista
Re: Useful Tricks for Byp...
by gizsmartcom
10-06-2018 8:31 AM
10 18
No unread posts Windows 2000
Re: cannot copy myfilenam...
by eralper
06-13-2005 1:14 PM
2 4
No unread posts Windows 7 - Windows Seven
Windows 7 tools, tips and tricks, and download link for Windows users
How to Launch Control Pan...
by eralper
08-05-2020 9:27 AM
34 62
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No unread posts IIS 6
Re: What is the MIME type...
by trisha421
08-12-2012 8:35 PM
7 12
No unread posts IIS 5
FrontPage Run-Time Compon...
by eralper
11-22-2006 7:47 AM
4 6
No unread posts IIS 7
Re: The ordinal 14 could...
by eralper
06-10-2008 5:20 AM
7 9
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No unread posts Internet Explorer (IE)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, IE8, Firefox and other web browser discussions, internet browser tips and tricks
Outlook fails to launch w...
by eralper
10-11-2018 12:26 PM
20 30
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No unread posts Javascript
Javascript programming in web development for Javascript developers
Test your Regular Express...
by eralper
09-01-2018 10:40 AM
6 10
No unread posts VB 6
My First Browser Tree Pro...
by kimthaohg85
08-04-2011 8:30 AM
1 1
No unread posts C# (C-Sharp)
SQL online code editor an...
by eralper
10-09-2018 2:54 AM
4 5
No unread posts Python Programming
How to check if an object...
by eralper
08-16-2020 8:40 AM
2 2
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No unread posts Suggested Resources on the Web
Oracle Online Training an...
by eralper
08-21-2020 4:53 AM
18 26
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No unread posts Certification Exams
Microsoft Certifications and Certification Exams review discussions, free vouchers and promo codes for exam candidates
Neo4j Certification
by eralper
08-06-2018 5:26 PM
267 282
No unread posts Technical Education Centers in Turkey
Technical Education Centers for Computer Technologies in Turkey
heard LOT-925 exam update...
by joman
12-05-2011 4:28 AM
2 2
No unread posts Free Exam Vouchers and Promotion Codes
Free exam vouchers and promotion codes for Microsoft certification exams with certification exam review for exam candidates
The Benefits of One-to-On...
by Adam Skinner
04-21-2017 2:46 PM
29 241
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No unread posts Log Parser 2.2
Log Parser 2.2 ve Windows...
by eralper
03-30-2005 5:08 PM
3 3
No unread posts Tools - General
Delete your Google Accoun...
by eralper
08-02-2018 2:31 AM
12 12
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No unread posts HiPath ProCenter SDK
Siemens HiPath ProCenter SDK programming and SDK development for CTI developers
Re: Creating CTI applicat...
by eralper
02-24-2012 2:41 PM
12 21
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No unread posts Web Hosting Reviews
Re: Fatal error: Cannot r...
by eralper
03-20-2010 9:57 AM
4 5
No unread posts General
Bulk Email Verification S...
by LucaNormanLeo7
06-27-2019 3:07 AM
18 64
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No unread posts Microsoft Office Tips
Microsoft Office tips including Excel, MapPoint programming
Microsoft support number
by mattbrown
05-23-2017 8:12 AM
7 8
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No unread posts Project Management
Project Management tools and Project management tutorials, PM links and resources for project managers
Project Team Member Profi...
by eralper
09-03-2016 8:17 AM
10 26
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No unread posts Introductions
Introduce yourself to the Kodyaz Development and Developers community by giving some bio and interests information especially regarding your PC configuration, installed OS, career, programming languages, etc.
Re: 8 Traits of an Extrov...
by effenerto
07-06-2020 7:45 AM
70 236
No unread posts Fun for a Developer
Fund for developers, IT jokes and IT related comics
Re: HTML for Babies - Web...
by effenerto
07-10-2020 6:27 PM
32 71
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No unread posts Crystal Reports Development
Crystal Reports Forums on General Development issues
Re: How to Embed a CR fil...
by eralper
05-13-2009 3:59 AM
1 3
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No unread posts AWS and Cloud
Rename Amazon Redshift Da...
by eralper
08-31-2020 10:32 AM
4 4

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